19 Dec 2007

Deep linking for Silverlight

Why not? We started working on a new prototype and the first result is now available online. As you may see, this new thing will be called .NETAddress and will target not only Silverlight but also ASP.NET AJAX. Both Microsoft and Adobe are coming up with their own deep linking solutions, but we believe that our SWFAddress is the best offering for the moment and we want to bring its power to the .NET platform. The first step has already been made and we'll continue to work on AJAX and SEO support which will become available by the time of the Silverlight 2.0 release.

On a side note, Telerik just made their RadControls for Silverlight demos available online. Kudos to Niki Nedev and his colleagues for these great looking components.

16 Nov 2007

SWFAddress 2.0

The 2.0 release is finally here. For the first time we'll offer 2 download options because the file size of the package has grown up to 7 megabytes. If you want a bundle with 13 samples and documentation in 4 languages, go get the main one. Alternatively you can download a very light package containing only the ActionScript and JavaScript classes.

Here is the full changelog:

  • Support for multiple Flash movies and Ajax.
  • Event listeners for ActionScript and JavaScript.
  • New SWFAddressEvent class with support for INIT and CHANGE types.
  • New unobtrusive SEO technique.
  • Support for Adobe Flash CS3.
  • Support for Flash Player 7 with the Flash/JavaScript Integration Kit.
  • Support for SWFObject 2.0, UFO and Adobe's Active Content embedding.
  • New strict mode that adds trailing slashes by default.
  • New helper methods for link, window and popup management.
  • Ability to configure the script with query parameters.
  • The swfaddress.html is optional and not used by default.
  • Lots of new and improved Flash based samples.
  • Various optimizations and fixes.
  • API docs for ActionScript 3 and JavaScript.

Yesterday I had to make some last minute fixes, so please contact us immediately if you find anything broken. The chances for this are minimal, so just take some time to enjoy SWFAddress 2.0.


13 Nov 2007

SWFAddress 2.0 part 1 - The story so far

The time for a new release has come and this is the first of a series of posts in which I'm going to share with you what the project has achieved so far and what new it has to offer.

The initial SWFAddress 1.0RC release came out about an year ago and quickly got attention because of its simple message:

  • Built for Flash. Until then people were trying to achieve the same functionality using libraries with JavaScript roots.
  • Seamless integration with SWFObject. It was a nice addition for the de-facto Flash embedding standard.
  • Simple API for every ActionScript version. The combination of Flash, Flex and MTASC samples was good enough for everyone.

The next releases just made the project more mature and feature rich. Thanks to the growing interest in deep linking and browser history handling, little by little SWFAddress became just better and better. The statistics system on shows that the project has active forums and has been downloaded more than 20,000 times. Some people even used and deployed the SVN copy of the files, bringing the latest improvements and fixes to their clients.

Speaking of clients, I can say that we're pretty happy with our SWFAddress Services. We still cannot make our living completely out of them, but they appear to be good way of making some money with open source. Most of the time we are hired by designers or small interactive studios that don't have the time or resources to learn and implement deep linking. The big agencies have a lot of talent and usually they build SWFAddress powered content on their own, but the lack of extensive know-how in this area sometimes leads to bad practices.

Today we reveal the SWFAddress Showcase which clearly demonstrates that the deep linking is here to stay. We're glad that there are lots of high profile and award winning websites using SWFAddress and we will continue to work hard and bring you the best possible solution for your needs. It's also great and very important that many people are researching and sharing their work. SWFAddress wouldn't be the same if there weren't projects like Really Simple History, HistoryKeeper, StateManager and many others that deserve your attention and our respect.

Tomorrow I will give an overview of all the new Flash related features and samples. Stay tuned.

5 Oct 2004

Asual is the new blojsom default theme

There's a new blojsom release out there and we're responsible for the new default theme. Currently it matches the look of our site, but we're thinking about some cool improvements and blojsom style colors scheme. The theme uses tableless layout with valid XHTML & CSS code.

Thanks to David Czarnecki for the collaboration and support.

10 Aug 2004

EnFlash announcement

We're happy to announce the development of our cutting-edge ActionScript framework called EnFlash. It brings some revolutionaty features to the Flash world including skinning at runtime, scalable fonts and liquid layouts. While currently focused mostly on User Interface, EnFlash is designed to provide a bundle of utility classes and data structures that ease the ActionScript development. EnFlash is a client-side technology and does not require a specific server.

Learn more about EnFlash on our site.

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