31 May 2005

1000 downloads in 25 days

These stats are a great present for my today's birthday. Keep on downloading and playing with EnFlash... a new version is comming soon.

23 May 2005

EnFlash presentation slides

This year I had the possibility to speak about Flash at the local WebTech conference. It was a special moment when I went to my hometown Varna where I held my first speech ever at the university that I graduated back in 2000. The lecture was titled "Creating UI framework with ActionScript 2" and it was impossible to fit in the 45 minutes given. The conference topics were mostly related to open source philosophy, php/python/java projects and libraries. This influenced me a lot and I've decided to join the world of free software. A month later I've prepared a new lecture for the main WebTech event in Sofia and this time it was especially about EnFlash. There I've made a showcase of the framework possibilities and I've announced my future plans for releasing it under GPL. The slides were originally in Bulgarian and now I have translated them in English for all the international readers of this blog.

EnFlash - ActionScript Application Framework

Lots of nice things are happening in our small country lately. After the visit of Richard Stallman for the WebTech conference, a week ago we had the pleasure the see Lawrence Lessig who was here to launch Creative Commons Bulgaria. There's a growing community around the free software and free culture movement and its a nice feeling to be a part of it.

7 May 2005

EnFlash/MTASC on Linux

A friend of mine posted a quick tutorial how to install and use these tools on Linux Platform. You can code in your favorite text editor, but the Eclipse/ASDT bundle is highly recommended for serious ActionScript development.

How to Install EnFlash over Linux
How to Install MTASC over Linux

6 May 2005

EnFlash goes open source

EnFlash is an ActionScript Application Framework that I have been developing for about an year. It started as an experiment and it's main goal was to achieve a set of User Interface possibilities that haven't been done previously in Flash. I had already a nice framework created for projects like Job Designer and Alignment Tool, but I wanted something new that uses ActionScript 2, MovieClip composition and other cool techniques. The first EnFlash demo appeared in August last year and since then I continue to develop it when I have free time.

EnFlash is not meant to be a lightweight replacement of the Macromedia components. It targets users with recent hardware and hopefully it will become much more useful with the forthcoming Flash Player 8. The current EnFlash release supports all the top features only, so I'm thinking about a simplified version that will cut off some extras for the sake of performance.

I've been using open source software extensively and I like the idea of sharing code with the community. I believe that this is the way to create quality programs and to force ideas exchange and innovation. My first open source contribution was the creation of a few blog templates for the blojsom project. I was also happy to support Darron with a Bulgarian translation of SolVE. Two weeks ago I have announced my plans about EnFlash at the local WebTech conference headlined by Richard Stallman. Today it becomes available to the public under GPL license.

EnFlash 0.3 is now available at Get yourself a copy and enjoy!

10 Aug 2004

EnFlash announcement

We're happy to announce the development of our cutting-edge ActionScript framework called EnFlash. It brings some revolutionaty features to the Flash world including skinning at runtime, scalable fonts and liquid layouts. While currently focused mostly on User Interface, EnFlash is designed to provide a bundle of utility classes and data structures that ease the ActionScript development. EnFlash is a client-side technology and does not require a specific server.

Learn more about EnFlash on our site.

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