18 Nov 2008

Google Analytics for Flash

A cool new library for Google Analytics tracking was released yesterday at Adobe MAX. I learned about it thanks to webmonkey and I wonder why still there is no such info in the Adobe feeds.

So far the tracking of page views and events using the free Analytics tool from Google was pretty straightforward but still hard for many Flash developers. Basically it requires you to include a few lines in the HTML, call some JavaScript from Flash and eventually watch for security restrictions. The nice thing about this new project is that now it will allow you to do all this with just ActionScript. The quality of the library absolutely exceeded my initial expectations and I couldn't resist to not blog about it. You don't have to miss it if your projects require such functionality.

I'll be looking into integration between SWFAddress and GA for Flash in the near future. It won't make it into the upcoming release but I'm definitely interested in playing with it.

13 Mar 2006

EnLarge - One code base to rule them all

It's been a long time since I haven't posted on this blog and I'm happy to get back to you with an announcement about a new free software project that I've been developing lately. EnLarge started about 2 months ago as a part of my EnFlash experiments, but later I realized that it has the potential to become a separate project. I hope that it will be useful for Flash framework developers, who want to port their libraries to ActionScript 3 and continue to support ActionScript 2. At least this is how I see the future of EnFlash.

Learn more and download.

31 May 2005

1000 downloads in 25 days

These stats are a great present for my today's birthday. Keep on downloading and playing with EnFlash... a new version is comming soon.

30 May 2005

Documenting with as2api

A month ago I started a research on the available ActionScript documentation software. I knew already most of the tools, but I've never needed such a program before and this time I had to look a little bit deeper. Here I'm going to summarize the impressions that I got:

Nice project that has not been updated for a long time. I didn't find a way to generate docs recursively from package folders and it requires @class or @interface comment tags.
A promising tool with a good option for Flash IDE documentation that I actually don't need. The community edition works only 5000 lines of code and this makes it unsuitable in my case.
This one has not been updated for more than an year. The author has put an effort in the UI, but I personally don't find it very useful.
The 0.1 version number discouraged me from testing this one.
A mature nice looking tool available only for Apple platform. It's commercial and the price seems to be fair.
May be the best tool on the market, but the price is unaffordable for my project.
Natural Docs
Great software that supports a large number of programming languages. My personal problems with it are the non-javadoc comment format and the feature heavy output.

I have seen all these before so when I found the as2api project it was totally new for me. The good thing about as2api is that it supports a standard set of JavaDoc tags making your code compatible with other documenting tools. It's implemented in Ruby and it looks like a free software. The author hasn't mentioned a license, but I believe that the rights granted are close to GPL, MIT or a similar OSI compatible license. The as2api output was fair enough for me and I decided to go with it for the EnFlash documentation.

I downloaded the Windows all-in-one executable and it worked well, but it didn't contain all the latest fixes and improvements. So I decided to try the CVS copy and to spend some time with the interpreter installation and command line execution. Lately I hear only positive opinions about Ruby and I was happy that I had a reason to play with it. The as2api scripts are very clear and I stared to make some changes needed. I had to hardcode a few strings because currently there're still not input parameters implemented. At the end I finished with a customized version that contains the following differences:

  • Lots of tag changes and fixes
  • Valid XHTML output
  • Simplified and enhanced CSS

My revisions are available for download and I hope that David will include them in the original as2api code.

The documentation of the upcoming EnFlash release is a sample of as2api usage, but currently only the EnFlash and EnFlashObject classes are commented.

The Ruby syntax still looks a little strange to me and that's may be because of my programming background. The language is powerful, there's a growing community around it and it's future looks bright.

23 May 2005

EnFlash presentation slides

This year I had the possibility to speak about Flash at the local WebTech conference. It was a special moment when I went to my hometown Varna where I held my first speech ever at the university that I graduated back in 2000. The lecture was titled "Creating UI framework with ActionScript 2" and it was impossible to fit in the 45 minutes given. The conference topics were mostly related to open source philosophy, php/python/java projects and libraries. This influenced me a lot and I've decided to join the world of free software. A month later I've prepared a new lecture for the main WebTech event in Sofia and this time it was especially about EnFlash. There I've made a showcase of the framework possibilities and I've announced my future plans for releasing it under GPL. The slides were originally in Bulgarian and now I have translated them in English for all the international readers of this blog.

EnFlash - ActionScript Application Framework

Lots of nice things are happening in our small country lately. After the visit of Richard Stallman for the WebTech conference, a week ago we had the pleasure the see Lawrence Lessig who was here to launch Creative Commons Bulgaria. There's a growing community around the free software and free culture movement and its a nice feeling to be a part of it.

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