6 May 2005

EnFlash goes open source

EnFlash is an ActionScript Application Framework that I have been developing for about an year. It started as an experiment and it's main goal was to achieve a set of User Interface possibilities that haven't been done previously in Flash. I had already a nice framework created for projects like Job Designer and Alignment Tool, but I wanted something new that uses ActionScript 2, MovieClip composition and other cool techniques. The first EnFlash demo appeared in August last year and since then I continue to develop it when I have free time.

EnFlash is not meant to be a lightweight replacement of the Macromedia components. It targets users with recent hardware and hopefully it will become much more useful with the forthcoming Flash Player 8. The current EnFlash release supports all the top features only, so I'm thinking about a simplified version that will cut off some extras for the sake of performance.

I've been using open source software extensively and I like the idea of sharing code with the community. I believe that this is the way to create quality programs and to force ideas exchange and innovation. My first open source contribution was the creation of a few blog templates for the blojsom project. I was also happy to support Darron with a Bulgarian translation of SolVE. Two weeks ago I have announced my plans about EnFlash at the local WebTech conference headlined by Richard Stallman. Today it becomes available to the public under GPL license.

EnFlash 0.3 is now available at Get yourself a copy and enjoy!

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Left by Rostislav at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Multiple licensing is a good option for making money from free software. I don't have experience with such issues, but I'll investigate how MySQL handles this. There will be more info on this topic in the next month and you can expect a price around $100 for a commercial license.

Do you find all the functionality needed for your project in the current release? If not, please let me know what else do you need. If yes, start digging with EnFlash and contact me when you're ready to deploy your application.
Left by milan at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
first of all, congratulations for your work!
initial problems:
when I tried to compile your examples with mtasc:
D:\Download\Components\enflash\enflash-0.3>mtasc.exe -cp src\classes -swf deploy\xmldemo\xmldemo.swf com\asual\demos\
src\classes/com/asual/enflash/ characters 8-42 : type error System have no static field capabilities

I've set _os to "Windows XP" just to compile.
mtasc said:D:\Download\Components\enflash\enflash-0.3>mtasc.exe -cp src\classes -swf deploy\xmldemo\xmldemo.swf com\asual\demos\
Your classes excess 32K bytecode limit, please use -separate

then it said:
D:\Download\Components\enflash\enflash-0.3>mtasc.exe -cp -separate src\classes -swf deploy\xmldemo\xmldemo.swf com\asual\demos\
(unknown) : type error class not found : src.classes

i use mtasc 1.05. should I use 1.04 or is it something else?
Left by Rostislav at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
MTASC 1.05 is the only release uncompatible with EnFlash, so just download another build.

The _os property uses Flash build-in method, it detects your system transparently.

Check for more links and files.
Left by Simon Wacker at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Great work.

Left by ben at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
You mentioned the GPL license. Are there also other
licensing models? If I'd like to use enflash in a "closed source" project, could I also buy a license?

Left by Magu(s) at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Great project , thank you

But is there any way to find documentation or reference docs about EnFlash ? It is not convenient to browse into the demo files to figure out how EnFlash works.

I can't wait to experiment all the possibilities of your work.

Le Magu(s)
Left by milan at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
it now works fine
Left by mcero at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
This is really nice. Thanks for sharing.



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