23 May 2005

EnFlash presentation slides

This year I had the possibility to speak about Flash at the local WebTech conference. It was a special moment when I went to my hometown Varna where I held my first speech ever at the university that I graduated back in 2000. The lecture was titled "Creating UI framework with ActionScript 2" and it was impossible to fit in the 45 minutes given. The conference topics were mostly related to open source philosophy, php/python/java projects and libraries. This influenced me a lot and I've decided to join the world of free software. A month later I've prepared a new lecture for the main WebTech event in Sofia and this time it was especially about EnFlash. There I've made a showcase of the framework possibilities and I've announced my future plans for releasing it under GPL. The slides were originally in Bulgarian and now I have translated them in English for all the international readers of this blog.

EnFlash - ActionScript Application Framework

Lots of nice things are happening in our small country lately. After the visit of Richard Stallman for the WebTech conference, a week ago we had the pleasure the see Lawrence Lessig who was here to launch Creative Commons Bulgaria. There's a growing community around the free software and free culture movement and its a nice feeling to be a part of it.

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Left by Ben Jackson at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
I second that.

I'd also like to add that I'd like to see a dialogue between this project and some other open-source efforts that I think have a lot of potential (namely DENG, swfmill, and thoth). How can we make something incredibly useful using all of the tools at our desposal?
Left by Rostislav at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
I hope that such a collaboration is a matter of time. We will see how these packages can benefit from being open source. Currently I have to continue making components, but I'm looking forward to a better XHTML/CSS integration and a faster SWF initialization that utilizes build-in swfmill data.
Left by erixtekila at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
It's very kind to make this translation available. Thanks.



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