25 Aug 2004

The power of blojsom

Our blog is up for 2 weeks and I'm happy to see that the lead blojsom developer David Czarnecki writes about it on his blog. We're also listed on sites running blojsom page next to sites like Apple OS X Tiger Server, JBoss and Hewlett-Packard Labs Semantic Blogging.

May be you're wondering what blojsom is? Its one of the best open source java blog systems out there, very lightweight, file based, with extensible plugin architecture. It was inspired by another weblog application called blosxom. Apple is going to include blojsom in their next OS X Server.

I'm still polishing the look of this blog but once its ready I will contribute our theme to the blojsom community. It conforms with the latest XHTML and CSS recommendations so hopefully people will like it.

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Left by Vishal at Sun, 16 Sep 6:58 AM
You have more useful info than the Briitsh had colonies pre-WWII.



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