17 Oct 2006

SyntaxHighlighter by DreamProjections

Since we've started this website I'm looking for a syntax highlighting tool that can be used for code samples. Geshi seems to be great, but since I'm using Tomcat I cannot run PHP scripts that easily. The same applies to the well-known Beautifier highlighter and it hasn't been updated for long time. Flash Text Formatter is a good one, but to me it seems more appropriate for full Flash websites. So one day while I was browsing at the YUI examples I saw another engine that uses pure JavaScript to highlight most of the languages that I need. This is how I've chosen the dp.SyntaxHighlighter and below you can see some samples of it:




This showcase uses a custom copy of dp.SyntaxHighlighter that matches the look and feel of our website. It also includes improved CSS highlighting, ActionScript support and a minor Ruby related fix. I'm providing my version for download and I hope that one day I'll find some time to convert it to a blojsom plugin.

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Left by JBOY at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Nice one u found there, I'll use it for sure... thnx :)
Left by Jury (home mortgage refinancing guy) at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
This highlighter seems really cool. I'm gonna use it in a couple of my sites. Thanks a lot :)



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