9 Aug 2004

Here we go

Finally we had time to launch our site including this blog. We're two young creative professionals living and working in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here you'll find our thoughts on Macromedia Flash and ActionScript in details, Markup languages and CSS, Design and User Interfaces, Java and Database development. We had lots of interests and we find our job very interesting and challenging.

We've tried Roller Weblogger for some time but our final choice for a blogging system is blojsom. It ran smoothly on Tomcat 5 and only needed a little configuration to suit our needs. It's very lightweight, file based and has lots of interesting plugins that hopefully we'll have time to use one day.

We're mostly working on contract projects for larger companies and lately we spend some time to develop an unique ActionScript 2 framework called EnFlash. We're going to post the news about it's status here.

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