1 Oct 2010

Introducing Summer - The HTML5 Library for Java

Summer is now officially over but we have a new project to announce and apparently it's called Summer. I've been working on it in the past few months and I hope that everyone that dares to try it will be as much excited as I am. The name Summer derives from the fact that the project is a natural addition to the Spring Framework and brings various interesting features that you can hardly find anywhere. If you're currently using Spring MVC or you're eager to try the Spring 3 and Java EE 6 goodness then definitely check this project out.

Summer introduces a super clean dynamic HTML5 markup that enables templates, expressions and iterators. In order to enable these it internally utilizes a subset of the functionality offered by JavaServer Faces 2.0 while preserving the overall Spring MVC ideology. Summer takes advantage of the modular capabilities of Servlet 3.0 and enables the creation of true web enabled modules that combine both Java code, configurations and static resources. Thanks to Spring 3 you can easily apply conversion and bean validation as well as data binding, content negotiation and REST support. The project also offers an optional integration with jQuery which enables partial page rendering using AJAX and HTML5 WebSocket capabilities based on the Atmosphere framework.

Summer is still in a young project and doesn't offer much documentation. It's available on GitHub and we're open for people who find it interesting and want to contribute whatever they can. Our plans for the next milestone include features like Flash scope and AJAX validation as well as some more samples.

In addition we're working on a package called Summer Extras that will enable static resource optimizations, beautiful form components, output markup formatting, Servlet 2.5 and Google AppEngine support. It will very likely be commercially distributed since at the end we have to somehow justify the effort we put into providing this goodness to you.

A special thanks goes out to our friend Rostislav Georgiev! Without his support and contributions this project wouldn't have been possible.

Check the project homepage, the sample showcase and the source code. Have fun and let us know what you think!

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Left by marbre at Fri, 27 Jan 10:53 AM
Great to hear HTML5 is getting more and more popular each day. :)
Left by spring-summer at Fri, 17 Feb 10:52 AM
I am a bit confused about the intent of this project. Any server-side framwork would render HTML5 markup as-is. Apart from that and the Websockets integration (i havent seen the code yet), what other HTML5 features can be leveraged to make a Spring MVC app better ? . Does it help to offload some of the traditional server-side tasks to the client in an elegant way?
Left by Rostislav at Fri, 17 Feb 11:06 AM
The project offers a template language for Spring that allows you to write HTML5 views with a valid markup. It doesn't use scriptlets or XML tags but provides a set of data-* attributes that let you define simple template logic. Out of the box you get strong declarative Ajax support, EL 2.2 expressions and various proper configurations and utilities. The project is still under active development and we recently released a 1.0.0.RC1 version. Check the GitHub page and contact us directly if you need more info.



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