16 Nov 2007

SWFAddress 2.0

The 2.0 release is finally here. For the first time we'll offer 2 download options because the file size of the package has grown up to 7 megabytes. If you want a bundle with 13 samples and documentation in 4 languages, go get the main one. Alternatively you can download a very light package containing only the ActionScript and JavaScript classes.

Here is the full changelog:

  • Support for multiple Flash movies and Ajax.
  • Event listeners for ActionScript and JavaScript.
  • New SWFAddressEvent class with support for INIT and CHANGE types.
  • New unobtrusive SEO technique.
  • Support for Adobe Flash CS3.
  • Support for Flash Player 7 with the Flash/JavaScript Integration Kit.
  • Support for SWFObject 2.0, UFO and Adobe's Active Content embedding.
  • New strict mode that adds trailing slashes by default.
  • New helper methods for link, window and popup management.
  • Ability to configure the script with query parameters.
  • The swfaddress.html is optional and not used by default.
  • Lots of new and improved Flash based samples.
  • Various optimizations and fixes.
  • API docs for ActionScript 3 and JavaScript.

Yesterday I had to make some last minute fixes, so please contact us immediately if you find anything broken. The chances for this are minimal, so just take some time to enjoy SWFAddress 2.0.


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Left by Assis Antunes at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Problem for MAC!??
Left by Anony at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Why dont you guys have a LITE version? Too much bullshit inside this script.
Left by Greg at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Thank You. That matches my experience and explains a lot.
I will quit tweaking with it and await a future update.
Left by buggy at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Neither of flash samples work using Opera 9.2
Left by purepear at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Bravo! Gonna check it right now.
Left by manuel at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
I could not get this work. I will keep on trying.
Left by Mark at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
I noticed your hosted Ajax demo still works even if I disable javascript. But the demo I've downloaded breaks without javascript enabled. Did you make directories for: history, technologies, justification...? Thanks.
Left by Rostislav at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Thank you for the notification, but please some more information if you're looking for improved Opera support.

A full page reload was reported few days ago for the Ajax sample and I quickly fixed it by uploading my local copy. Now real reason for the problem was detected and it appeared to be the Google Analytics tracking that is used on all the samples. Until further notice the deep GA tracking is not supported on Opera.
Left by shaun at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Awesome stuff! As a first timer, I found the CS3 example very helpful - managed to get it integrated with my current project in under 5 minutes :) Thank you so much!
Left by Alex at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
It works fine!
I can live with what is now but I'd like to see simplier, more automatic code for use with buttons in Flash, so I don't need to put same code all over again gor each button.
Also I find forcing the change of first letter in links to capitals a little bit too much. Can a user decide? Can anyone tell me how to ged rid of it?
Also :) reloading the whole Flash movie after going backwards and forwards in a browser is a bit annoying but I feel you can't do much about it? :)
Left by Niemi at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
I posted twice yesterday, but nothing has been added to the comments. Please let me perform this test. You can delete if it's successfully posted.
Left by Greg at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
This is nice, but...
I am having opera problem. I use some additional javascript and ExternalInterface calls that I think are causing 'timing' problems, maybe? But I rarely use opera and can not successfully debug my movie in it.
The result is that the links are not getting into the history... most of the time.
Works fine in IE, NN, and FF; is opera v9.24 on XP.

Any guesses as to what might be going no or how to debug it in opera, would be appreciated.

Left by greg at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
I get an "onChange" event as soon as I define its function, is this normal ?
Left by Rostislav at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Yes, this is the expected behavior. The event gives you the information needed for proper initialization of the content when somebody enters the site with a deep link.
Left by Niemi at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Concerning major FireFox bug. Seems I can't post long posts, so please help here:
Left by Rostislav at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
The project is open source and if you know what you're doing you can make yourself a LITE version in 10 minutes.
Left by RMan at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
You have done great work. When I have used it first time I have love it ;)
Left by Satheesh at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Really Nice Work.
Congratulation to all.
Left by richard summerhayes at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Congrats, thanks for the hard work.
Left by Y at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Wonderful news, thank you for taking it to the next level!
I can definitely use the new features (now, without old workarounds).
Thanks to you and people like you — Flash is getting one step closer to be a fully functional cross-platform solution for real-world data-rich applications/websites.
Left by Satheesh at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
Nice one.
I really want this.
Thanks for all.
Left by lester francisco at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
I work with flash and this is easy for use, and very necesary for flash. Is a Good Job!

i got a little trouble, i copy the link in the browser when i stay in a 2º label of my swf:
Close browser and open new, paste the link and good! he go to the exact label of my swf but the other button is off ....

any can help me and tell me what is the problem? I Saw the examples of yours web and works, why mine not? :(

Thanks all, and good luck whit all.
Left by John at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
I've just been using the .onChange function and i can only make it work twice and then it stops, first when the function is called the same as above by greg and then the first time it changes then any changes after that do not fire the function.
Left by bug at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
So Amazing. Thank you so much. I got wonderful wings!
Left by Osman at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
For google analytics tracking:
Will adding the tracking code to html be enough to track analytics of pages or sections in the flash web site?
If not what should i do to track analytics of flash web site sections?
Thanks in advanced.
Left by Rostislav at Mon, 19 Apr 4:15 PM
For Opera the script relies on constant interval checks which from time to time fail and unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it. The upcoming Opera 9.50 might have a fix for this behavior. My initial tests with the public beta showed that the Flash object is no longer preloaded when the Back button is used.
Left by Ali at Sun, 5 Aug 9:57 AM
Hey Dimitree,The pages are all internal (they are MovieClips in the lbrairy) so the only loading that happens is in the Loader.swf that loads the full site.The full site is the Main.swf but offcourse resides on the same domain/server. I guess you can say that the example loads external swf files, namely one: the Main.swf. I hope this answers your question, if not: shoot away!Maarten



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