A sample that utilizes the Adobe's Active Content embedding script and the ActionScript 2.0 version of SWFAddress. It demonstrates how swfaddress.js can be configured with query parameters and how backwards compatibility with SWFAddress 1.x projects can be achieved.


Unobtrusive Ajax sample that showcases deep linking and search engine indexing. It contains both client-side and server-side fixes that preserve the history when the Refresh button is used in IE. The sample requires Apache 1.3+ and PHP 4+.


Advanced sample that demonstrates the usage of multiple Flash files with Ajax based content loading. Contains a tricky solution that preserves the histoty when the Refresh button is used in IE.


An ActionScript 3.0 sample built with Adobe Flash CS3. It showcases the standard SWFAddress capabilities including handling of 404 errors, status messages and fixed IE streaming. Developed by Jon MacDonald.


Pure JavaScript sample that makes a direct use of the Digg API through a dynanic script tag.


An ActionScript 3.0 sample which showcases the usage of nested loaded movies and optimized compiling with the Flex 2 SDK. It demonstrates disabled history and tracking.


Entry level sample which uses ActionScript 1.0 and demonstrates the basic capabilities of SWFAddress. It comes with a Satay-like fix for a non-streaming bug in IE.


Basic Flex 3 implementation which uses MXML components and View states.


Simple ActionScript 1.0 sample that works within a frameset and showcases communication between frames.


Flash Player 7 compatible sample that uses ActionScript 2.0 and relies on the Flash/JavaScript integration kit.


Pure ActionScript 2.0 sample that compiles with the open source MTASC project. It demonstrates the SWFAddress helpers for links, popups and history management.


A version of the SEO sample that utilizes the Ruby on Rails framework. Developed by Petyo Ivanov.


An ActionScript 2.0 sample that utilizes XPath and PHP to enable SEO friendly links without URL rewriting. Uses the swfIN embedding script..


Advanced sample which showcases the search engine indexing capabilities of SWFAddress 2.x. It also demonstrates the usage of query parameters and handling of 404 errors. The sample requires Apache 1.3+ and PHP 4+.


A Flash CS4 compatible sample that uses multiple SWF files to demonstrate a splash screen functionality. It uses ActionScript 3.0 and utilizes the SWFAddress.swc component.

SWiSH Max2

An ActionScript 1.0 sample fully compatible with SWiSH Max2. Developed by Larry Benedict.


A fully functional Java version of the SEO sample that requires a Servlet 2.4 compatible container and the UrlRewriteFilter. Demonstrates the usage of custom SWFAddress enabled Flex 3 components.


ActionScript 2.0 sample that uses the UFO embedding mechanism.


A simple ActionScript 2.0 test case demonstrating the usage of unicode values with SWFAddress.


Pure JavaScript video deep linking sample based on the YouTube Player API.


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